Wednesday, January 31

Week in review Jan. 31

An act was introduced by a Rockland legislator to make “lobster trap molesting” a civil offense. After shooting hoops in Harlem and rubbing the elbows of his double-breasted suit with Al Gore, the Prince of Wales dined on Maine lobster and day boat scallops en feuillete with “sauce à l’americaine.”

Presidential hopeful Dennis Kucinich stopped in at CTN, where he discussed his proposal to create a cabinet level Dept. of Peace. "You want create a Department of the Peace," a man on Free Street said, "You got to put kegs in the park."

"These are beautiful," Gov. John Baldacci said after tasting a Maine-grown winter tomato. Students at King Middle School sickened from an unknown illness, and a school board member was said to have called the Governor’s plan to consolidate schools districts “half baked.” This week, middle schools served chickenburger, sweet and sour chicken, baked chicken, and BBQ chicklettes. Barber Foods reportedly smelled of chicken cordon bleu.

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Saturday, January 6


The Epcot Center of the waterfront.