Monday, February 25

On Psst!

Yikes! Spike in traffic. One last thing, for Sean Chung, here are the reasons Psst! exists:

1. As an alternative to largely uncritical, glossy food media, where, because everything is so delightful, the Food/Dining In sections resemble Yeti papers, Abominable Snowmen blogs, straightup, downrightnarsty cryptojournalism. Part of this form of spying means quoting The Most Important People. Often. About their shoes.

2. A year ago, very few active food web sites devoted to Portland updated with any regularity; one had not been updated in years. And yet content was out there on The Internets, just not in one place. Psst! formed to aggregate content, to review the new, or lesser known, restaurants, to review food news.

3. The most read section of the West End News is The Dumpster. For The Forecaster, it's Police Beat. Tabloid news drives Press Herald page views. Remember The Ham Sandwich Incident? Skinny Dip sandwiches? The most commented posts here follow suit. It's no secret, gossip loves company.

Thank you and goodbye.



Anonymous Matt doesn't live in portland said...

Better not be goodbye forever. As an ex-pat I really enjoy your collection of aggregate information, and have for some time. Thank you and goodbye.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is my go-to blog. Do not stop. When we opened a restaurant in Portland in the 1970s Taste and Tell was written by Linda Lacomb, who reviewed the Old Port Tavern, The Roma, The Gaslight, F.Parker Reidy's and then would start over with the Old Port Tavern, The Roma.....etc.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

So...let's get this straight. Erik D. can be surrounded by a swirling shit storm on this blog every time his name is mentioned, psst can agree to how funny it is when people get mad in his now trademark "snarky" fashion and now that there is any criticsm it's "thank you and goodbye"??!!

Leather up Psst!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This can't be---the only honest commentary on what is truly happening in the Portland scene. Please get a good night's sleep, have a great cup of coffee in the morning and keep writing...we all depend on you!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have a captive audience. We all seem to enjoy your comments. Although you seemed to have slowed down recently, KEEP IT UP!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

good riddance to bad rubbish.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

agreed to the bad rubbish note

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This site was my first comment ever--somewhat akin to losing my virginity--a lot of why did I do that?, what was I thinking? and holy shit this town is filled with pricks! I appreciate the experience--oh, and I swore I would never do it again.

Anonymous stephen said...

I love P PSST...and jump on the site every time there's an update...thanks so much for keeping this site's one of the best new things going on here...

Anonymous Fran said...

ahh... were you 'eat me portland"?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Peter -- Don't be shy! Update your profile here or at LinkedIn!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

People love the Dumpster in the West End News because it's gossipy without being snarky. People like the gossip on Psst, it's just the hateful tone of many of the posts that smacks of high-school angst or general insecurity on the part of the writer. Keep the gossip, lose the hate.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Psst dragged Portland into the 21st century. Plus I knew who he was last Spring through some networking site that referred to him as Peter, Emily's boyfriend. Does knowing his identity really tell us more than we already knew?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It tells us that Peter is an aspiring reporter, and that the people that he slammed knew him. So, is he creative guy or a back stabber?

Blogger Psst! said...

Every journalist who is not too stupid or too full of himself to notice what is going on knows that what he does is morally indefensible.
-Janet Malcolm


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