Wednesday, February 27

Tony's Donuts

Hand-cut donuts cool on a wooden dowel. Rick Fournier downs another cup of coffee from a large Styrofoam cup.

The pink neon lighting his shop window - Tony's Donuts - has been glowing since 5:45 a.m. and he's been winding up since four o'clock for trouble.

Trouble is what Fournier calls his cache of regulars. Trouble is also brewing less than a block from Tony's, inside a Citgo station, where one of southern Maine's 36 Dunkin' Donuts locations pumps out Coffee Coolatas and Munchkin boxes.

Tony's (video above by DownEast) is a neighborhood business that doesn't have a problem with chain businesses. Do you?

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Tony's glazed donuts are like crack. I could eat 8 of them right now.

Blogger Russell Kaye said...

correcting my spelling - I wonder who that anon crackhead above really is...


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