Friday, March 14

Plywood Report

Foley's Bakery, in Monument Square, closed, via Psst (Thanks Dominic!).

Borealis Breads prepared to move to Ocean Avenue, via MB. More comments from Jim Amaral here. Mainebiz also reported last issue that Allagash Brewing in building a malt silo; their sales are up 40 percent.

Little Lads hippy crack den planned to reopen April 17, another Thai place prepared to move into the old Espan's Quick Lunch, and the Oktoberfest became Prost Tap House, via PFM. More on the owners here.

Hopefully, something like Reel Pizza will replace Movies on Exchange if the rumors about the theater vacating the spot are true.

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Blogger Stephen Quirk said...

There's a sign at 630 Congress Street, former home of The National Kidney Foundation, saying Seattle's Happy Teriyaki and it was mentioned in recent city licensing notes.

Blogger Psst! said...

Thanks SQ!

Blogger andrew said...

there seems to be two separate "happy teriayki" entities in the seattle area... one of which is posted above, and another which appears to be a chain of three or four quick-service restaurants in downtown seattle.

for what it's worth, i hope like hell that it's the second and not the first - not that we couldn't always use more amazing japanese restaurants, but what i want more than anything is a quick, cheap, open-late teriyaki and noodle joint that has a ton of lunch and late-night traffic and stuff you can eat while you're walking/biking. not another yosaku/benkay/sapporo/miyake/ginza/kotr thank you.


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