Thursday, October 2

Sarah Palin's vegetarian speechwriter

As it was recently observed, food fanatics are more generally more conservative – vegetarians compared with omnivores, vegans are more conservative than the lacto-ovas. But that's only in temperament and generally not in political positions.

The politics of food has recently come to the fore with the recent VP selection on the GOP ticket. Sarah Palin, a small town, gun-toting, antiabortionist has a speechwriter, who, no joke, is apparently a fanatical vegetarian: Matthew Scully. (He probably just needed to make some money with or without a stated aversion to hunters.)

Maybe this evokes Maine because Palin shot a moose, but in what may be an insight into her abilities, one Mainer pointed out that:
Shooting a moose is like shooting a barn, requiring very little skill. They often suffer from brain parasites and are not that smart or wily to begin with, via NYT.

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