Thursday, November 20

Late night eats

The Bollard's Zack Barowitz hits Portland's weakest spot: Chinese food after midnight. The review includes Lang's Express, the Wok Inn, two Denny's, and Bill's Pizza. But no Becky's.
Every town needs a place for people to sober-up on greasy food and coffee before hitting the bridges and turnpikes. For this informal survey of late-night Portland eateries, I awoke at midnight on four consecutive weekends and set out — with the good judgment of sobriety, some morbid curiosity, a little envy, and a growing sense of disgust — to find the drunken diners and eat what they eat. It felt like second-acting a bad play, via tB.

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Blogger andrew said...

Food after midnight. A Portland failure.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Portland needs a White Castle.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Once upon a time, there was the Home Plate. Nothing sops up a night's worth of Amigo's PBR like massive pancakes....


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