Thursday, January 15

Loco Pollo

The PPH reviews Loco Pollo, although it's hard to call it a review since the only word used to describe the food is good. (Nice probably would have been substituted had the place served tea).
Yes, the tamales are good at Loco Pollo, a new Mexican restaurant on Washington Avenue. But don't leave without trying one of the stews, via PPH.
Now, anyone have some real insights? [Updated 1/16]
The filling wasn't an explosion of rich Mexican spices, it was more of whimper, Brad says.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

been a few times now and its pretty slammin'...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought the tamales were tasty, a little dense but good flavour in the masa. The three salsas available (spicy tomatillo and mild and spicy tomato-based) were all delicious and went well with the tamales. I liked the smoky flavour in the tomato salsa.

They were out of posole when we visited; the large bowls of pork & green chili stew contained tender chunks of pork, lots of green chilis, and chunks of tomatoes. Delicious and satisfying, as good as any we've had in the southwest.

Lunch for two - two tamales, two "cups" of soup - was under $13.

Blogger Brett Weir said...

Definitely worth going to more than once. In addition to tea, it would be "nice" if they regularly offered a vegetarian option.

Blogger Psst! said...

I agree, a bit starchy. Could be more flavorful beef and pork, less masa. Still decent chow.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've been a few times and the tamales have good taste, but the masa is too dense. On one occasion they were barely warm, which doesn't make for good taste.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The tamales we sampled today (4/18) were excellent! Tried four different fillings all flavorful & the masa was just right, the salsas also very good. Best we've had since Mexico. Definitely worth another vist when we get to Portland again.

Blogger Joel said...

It's fairly cheap. It's the only time I've ever had tamales, so I have no frame of reference, but they did seem a bit bland. Their selection of salsas was really, really good though.


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