Friday, February 27

Over Grow Organic Cafe

Over Grow Organic Cafe and juice joint is renovating the space at 379 437 Congress St. to be a restaurant and beverage bar. (Previously on Psst!) No news on the owners or the menu yet.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

So is it at 437 Congress or 379 Congress St?? Your 2 posts disagree as to the location. 379 doesn't seem to be near any vacant shops.

Blogger Psst! said...

Thx for that catch. It's between the library and the UU church.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The guy who is opening Grow is named Igor something or other and he is from Mass.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have no idea when this was posted, but does anyone know where Grow Organic went? As of July 14, 2010 they were no longer on Congress. Have they closed or moved?


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