Friday, February 27

Week in Review, Feb. 27

President Obama released a list of budget priorities that included fewer subsidies for large farms and "investing in the full diversity of agricultural production, including organic farming and local food systems" (1). Michael Pollan said that the Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack had ruined the Iowa countryside and the lives of many farmers during his reign as governor (2). Kathleen Merrigan, a sustainable food expert, was named deputy secretary (3) and one of Vilsack's advisers predicted a White House garden by the summer (4).

A lobbyist opposed to a Maine bill that would require calorie counting at chain restaurants said no studies had shown labeling would impact obesity (5) the same day that the New England Journal of Medicine published a study saying weight-loss diets were most effective when they relied on calorie counting (6). A Maine nurse said, "Try to remember that whatever you buy and put into your family, if it doesn't have any nutritional value, then you are wasting your money" (7).

A man allegedly took a taxi en route to breaking into Coffee By Design (8) and another robbery suspect, accused of hold stealing $750 and $3.15 biscotti from Others coffee shop, appeared in court (9). Brian Duff neither attended nor called about not attending a special Sunday dinner that he signed up for (10). Sunday River Brewing was called "a weird mirage... in the northern extremes of Oxford County" (12). Spring break was said to be a dumb idea (13) and stupid, mean people commented on Internet forums (14).

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