Monday, March 30

The A.T.

Hiking the Appalachian Trail, which runs through Maine to Newfoundland, is really all about food–and not just at Shaw's:
One of the daily joys of long-distance hiking is eating. In fact, you may never again enjoy food as much as you will on the A.T. This is principally because you will be hungry every minute, via WashPo.
According to the visionary plan set out by the Benton MacKaye, the trail's concept was always about food:
The organization of the cooperative camping life would tend to draw people out of the cities. Coming as visitors they would be loath to return. They would become desirous of settling down in the country - to work in the open as well as play. The various camps would require food. Why not raise food, as well as consume it, on the cooperative plan? via AT (thx, vn!).

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