Wednesday, March 25

Why it's better on top

Why it's better on top, according to the Washington Post's travel writer: Charcuterie at Coluccci's Hilltop Market and the mere sight of Duckfat's "practically abstemious" sandwiches.

The roundup of things to do on Portland's Munjoy Hill also includes Homegrown Herb and Tea, the North Star Music Cafe, Hilltop Coffee Shop, the Rosemont Market, the Front Room, four coffeeshops, "great bagel shops," Fore Street, 555 and Evangeline. (Previously, the FT shills for the Hill).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

charcuterie?!?!?!? no mention of Lola (by far the best restaurant on the hill), Blue Spoon, Rabelais, Micucci's, or Ferdinand. The author must not have actually come up here.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

...Evangeline is not on the Hill...

Anonymous Mary said...

How can you say to "do as the locals do" on the hill if you aren't including one of Portland's oldest neighborhood bars?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Got neighborhood? The best thing that has happened to the Hill in the last year is a real neighborhood market called the Rosemont Market and Bakery - everything you need for a sweet dinner and more. I love the fresh bread in the window - everything is fresh and local and very affordable. The wine selection is fantastic!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOVE the Rosemont


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