Wednesday, March 11

Dinner at Paciarino: Coming May 2009

Paciarino's not only defined in today's BoGlo, there's also information about upcoming nightly dinners:
They'll start serving dinner in May. De Savino says, "It will be appetizers, salads, and maybe some roasts, but we will still specialize in pasta." In the fall there will be cooking classes, via BoGlo.
Espresso machine: coming soon. Liquor license: further out.

Unrelated: Coverage of Greenville's Skinny Dip sandwich controversy.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

At the FoodFilm on Sunday they said they anticipated receiving a liquor license by May and would then open for dinner. They also mentioned they would close for a week or two in April for vacation.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

They told me last week May 8th was theplanned opening night atthat point anyway (im sure that could change).


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