Sunday, March 8

Veranda Thai

In the West, the symbolic cornerstone of Thai cooking is pad Thai, which really isn't Thai at all. That said:
“Whenever we try Thai food,” says Nick Srisawat, “we try pad Thai first, because that is a way to judge how good a restaurant is. That’s true all over the world—except in Thailand, via Gastronomica.
But a review today gives no indication on how the dish measures up at Veranda Thai. Anyone tried the pad Thai here?

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Blogger Jack Scotland said...

I had the pad Thai, it was wonderful. Just the right amount of spice, the noodles were perfect, the shrimp delicate. Yum.

Anonymous john said...

the best pad thai in portland. actually in all of maine. even best in the U.S. I bet! I eat there at least once a week, if not more


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