Friday, March 13

Week in Review, Mar. 13

Five-Fifty Five reported $1,300 in missing wine (1), Katahdin restaurant's new owners complained about noise at the upstairs music venue The Dooryard (2), Westbrook teens paid the city $832 for calling police to a party (3), and mead makers brewed up a batch with watermelon that tasted like Jolly Ranchers (4). Chef Erik Desjarlais reportedly won the hearts of locals with lard (5) and Rogues Gallery and Dogfish planned to release a Squall Ale (6).

Tending one's garden lead to socialist revolution (7). "The food tastes better, not only because it's fresh, because you grew it yourself," said a Victory Gardener (8). Local Sprouts created a community-supported kitchen in the basement of the Public Market House (9) and Maine sea vegetables were cooked at the James Beard House (9). The lobster festival was soliciting 2,480 hours of volunteer service (10), flower show goers sipped beers (11), and Green Drinks was planning a lunch event with a similar theme (12). Restaurant Week specials were extended (13).

“We’re a smaller company surrounded by giants and crushed by rising prices,” Barber Food new CEO said (14). The closure of Great East Musssel farm appeared to mean smaller local bivalves at restaurants (14), lobstermen used 60,000 tons of bait, 15,000 tons more than the herring quota in the Gulf of Maine (15), and knives would be necessary to survive the apocalypse (16). Free Range Fish and Lobster said, "Let's not kill the goose that lays the golden eggs" (17).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding the item about "the dooryard" there is a reference to "Katahdin restaurant's new owners" -- but FYI the current owners of Katahdin have been there for over ten years...and in that time they've put up with a lot of crap, as suggested in the Bollard piece..

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was confused also about Katahdin. Last year (I think?) there was some news about "new management", but no follow up. The restaurant's new snazzy looking website doesn't reflect any change (but really makes me want a cocktail).

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lately, Katahdin looks a lot emptier than it ever was.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I never really had a bad experience at Katahdin. I also never really had a great experience, and at the pricepoint inflicted, would rather go somewhere else.


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