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Yelp's reviews get reviewed.



Anonymous fromwayaway said...

For an annual fee of $150, restaurants -- like other businesses -- can become Yelp sponsors. That allows them to handpick their most favorable review to appear first. Yelp will also put the sponsor's ad alongside the listing of a non-subscribing competitor.

I've always thought restaurant owners are thin skinned, but that's a shakedown. Once again, let's reiterate. If the blog or website you read takes ad dollars, you aren't getting a true review.

Anonymous Birch said...

I've found that Yelp almost always skips the great local places in favor of the mega-chains. Now I know why.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would a restaurant owner be thin-skinned? He or she works seven days a week in the riskiest of businesses and puts out a pretty consistent product. Some out of state clown comes in during an off
(hour?) for one meal that may or may not be up to par then blasts the restaurant on some self absorbed site like Yelp. One douchebag can do some damage...I know, only to losers who take that crap seriously, but still!

Anonymous Anonymous said...'s only that one, isolated time when some random out-of-stater eats there that the otherwise-consistent product falls short. Okay then.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Here is an out of state "Yelpers" 2 star review of Portland's beloved (voted favorite by the PPH Reader's Poll) Fore Street:

"Things started off nicely enough at the bar lounge while I was waiting for a seat at the bar. The foie gras was good, but nothing special. The server was excellent.Then, I got a seat at the bar, with a bartender who was more couple and male-centric. The duck I got was cold...probably due to his inattention. The broccolini was great however. The killer was the bartender's attitude. I don't want to get into it, but if you're alone, better to get there early (before 630pm) for a seat. I'm sure the wait staff is better. So I told the hostess about the poor service and the cold duck. She gave me a gift certificate for two free apps. That was great, but it doesn't hide the fact that the food at Fore Street, even if hot, is underwhelming.Try some of the other places: Cinque Terre, Vignola, Ribbolita, 555 Congress and save yourself a few bucks with better food. I talked to some of the locals and they told me that only out of towners and parents of young folks go here now."

Was it an off night or someone with an agenda...someone who thinks they can becom a Yelp super stud reviewer to the average diner with their smarmy comments?

On another note, I think despite the usually positive reviews, that "Type A" should not be reviewing new restaurants on opening day...that is just wrong!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That review highlights several consensus statements about Fore Street. I'd rather read that than a newspaper review that classifies everything with non-descriptive positive adjectives so as not to offend their advertisers.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, but not the consensus of the large majority of reviewers on Yelp (which, granted just want to be in the majority....I guess?!) So, one should wade through the amateur reviewers on Yelp and pick a review that agrees with YOUR opinion. PERFECT!

Blogger Psst! said...

The Web 2.0 revolution is really delivering is superficial observations of the world around us rather than deep analysis, shrill opinion rather than considered judgment.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

We once dined at Fore Street. The waiter spilled a glass of water on my young son. The staff had no idea how to deal with the situation. They ran around in circles and finally brought a stack of napkins over. No manager gushed apologies. It was no big deal. The food and service otherwise was great. Had I been a typical "Yelper" I would have run to the nearest laptop to report on this outrage. Happily, I have a life.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A life that has apparently since tailed off in quality, since you had ample time to recount that harrowing moment here.


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