Thursday, April 16

Bard Coffee Roasters

Bard Coffee Roasters brews the best espresso drinks in town. At least that's what Justin Henry says.
The shot I had at Bard was at least as good, if not better than Arabica.
The coffee tends to be a little too American and the Bollywood tunes somehow don't jive with the space. But where else can you get multiple single-origin brews that aren't burnt to a crisp? There's a small selection of pastries and cakes, free Wi-fi, and lots of empty, lacquered chairs. Now, if only there were an orange juice press.

[Update 5/13] The Maine Mouth talks with Bard co-owner and coffee guru Bob Garver.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

better and cheaper than arabica. more tattoos and whiny boy rock needed to make this place cool


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