Friday, April 24

Beer, wings, and Holy plywood

Binga’s Wingas plans to move to 50 Wharf Street, the former location of Cake. Owner Alec Altman had tried two previous locations on the fringes of the peninsula (one burned, the other got robbed). This seems like a prime beer and wings real estate.

Also on Monday: Grace, 17 Chestnut Street, goes before the City Council for a liquor license. For more, check the full council agenda.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

at least there will be something there, that whole corner is dead!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't eat asian food so I could care less but for those who do, it seems that the Kon Asian Bistro opening up on Brighton Ave is really good. The other location got a platinum plate on TV Diner. I'm guess they will look similar so here's a sneak peek....

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't eat asian food?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I don't eat asian food?"

Correct. Nothing personal and a useless fact for the start of the post.

I don't eat seafood at all. What a waste to live on the coast.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

But "I could care less" means that you DO care.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"But "I could care less" means that you DO care."

It means I don't care that this place was opening since I won't be eating there but I was happy to pass on the info on the link. Actually from the look of it, it might be a good place for just a drink.

On a side note of a place I do eat at, Paciarino has been closed for a week or so and the sign says it's for the needed renovations so they can serve wine. Something to do with having a proper bathroom. I think they open back up tomorrow.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I could care less" means that you care enough to care less. The phrase you're looking for is "I couldn't care less" which would mean you don't care.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My mom tried to correct my grammar once......once.

Anonymous Marco said...

I must say this blog features many anonymous douchebags

Anonymous "Polo" said...

You tell 'em, "Marco".

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love it when people make not doing something a part of their core identity. "I don't eat asian food." "I don't watch TV." "I don't..." Life is a lot more interesting when you don't create barriers for yourself.


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