Thursday, April 2

DeCoster Egg Farm

Just in time for Easter. The Decoster Egg Farm in Turner, one of the larger brown egg farms and the site of a long list of grievances, has been investigated by the Ohio-based Mercy for Animals. An anonymous worker recorded live hens going in the trash. The company said:
I was shocked to see we hired a fraud. Instead of taking care of the birds, he did his best to not to that. I find it inappropriate for someone to take money from a company to do a job and not do it, via WMTW.

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Anonymous Jim said...

Jack DeCoster has a long history of abuses involving birds, as well as people. He's a really nasty man, yet, he's made millions mistreating just about every living thing he's ever come into contact with.

Interestingly, Mr. DeCoster is a born-again Xian, and was a major source of funding for Jack Hyles, independent Baptist minister, and his college, Hyles-Anderson, in Crown Point, Indiana. Several buildings on campus bear Mr. DeCoster's name.

Just another in a long line of hypocrites, populating the rolls of American Xianity.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just so you know how to spell: Christianity as you can plainly see it does not have a X in it. But hey I guess there are hypocrites in every profession. I am not taking a stance for DeCoster but I'm seeing way to many hypocrites pointing their fingers at others and calling them hypocrites.


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