Wednesday, April 1

Ham is not a toy

Who's the April Fool?

About two weeks ago, a judgment was handed down in Levesque v. Doocy. The case involved a 2007 incident in which the morning news show "Fox and Friends" (Doocy) failed to corroborate a fake online news story hosted by Associated Content about a racially motivated incident at a middle school involving a ham sandwich. The story, among other things, quoted the superintendent (Levesque) as saying, "Ham is not a toy."

Levesque claimed he was defamed; the court ruled that the First Amendment protected the "gullible" hosts, but added:
Poetic justice would subject [Fox News] to the same ridicule that they accorded the [school superintendent]. But in real life, the aggrieved school superintendent must be satisfied with their later retraction and a professional reputation sullied less than theirs, via MediaShift.


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