Friday, April 17

Week in Review, April 17

Police reportedly ordered a man picking up PBR cans on the side of the highway to stop (1) and public safety officials said online wine sales would erode their ability to enforce drinking laws (2). Coffee, beer, boatbuilding were the three crafts people associated with Maine (3), four bills addressed genetically engineered crops (4), and Dunkin’ Donuts didn't fit with the "snobby" feel of Camden (5).

A Cape Elizabeth farmer sold lobsters (6) and a reviewer said: "And farmers may not eat that much lobster, which are hard to raise inland. But lobster will appeal to the masses who visit the Old Port in the summer, and at the Farmer's Table they are doing good things with them" (7). Historian Sandy Oliver weighed every vegetable she grew last year, raising an estimated $3,200 (8), and community gardens had longer than average wait lists this year (9).

The value of lobster landings dropped by $50 million last year (10) and a collision in New Jersey disabled the Maine fishing boat Dictactor (11). Lawyers interpreting CIA interrogation techniques said, “Although we do not equate a person who voluntarily enters a weight-loss program with a detainee subjected to dietary manipulation as an interrogation technique, we believe that it is relevant that several commercial weight-loss programs available in the United States involve similar or even greater reductions in caloric intake” (12, 13).

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