Wednesday, April 1

Sea Dogspectations

Not Pannepot. The old Eggspectations, on Western Avenue in South Portland, is apparently going to be a Sea Dog Brewing Co. restaurant in May. Breakfast will still be served. So will beer.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pannepot's setting up in Brunswick

Blogger Corey Templeton said...

That's great news! I welcome them with open arms. I'm especially glad that a local restaurant is moving in here and not another Texas Roadhouse, Outback Steakhouse, or Applebee's.

Blogger Corey Templeton said...

Edit: By 'local' I meant 'local to Maine' as opposed to 'local to Portland/South Portland.'

PS - There should be a way to edit the comments. I only see a delete button. Oh well.


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