Friday, April 10

Week in Review, April 10

Only four Portland residents took out permits to legally raise backyard chickens (1). A Maine composting firm attempted to make a substance that was safer than dirt (2). Eight starving Maine horses were rescued (3), but other abandoned horses had nowhere to go because of the shutdown of U.S. slaughterhouses (4). The Animal Refuge League attempted to disuade consumer from buying real animals for Easter (5). "This is the problem with our ecosystem having become a domesticated ecosystem," said a University of Maine biologist (6).

A farm that had been featured in Stonyfield Farms advertising material had its milk contract canceled (7), two New Hampshire men were accused of stealing ice cream in Maine (8), and the owner of Good Eats Boutique learned about business from a state unemployment training class (9). A northern Maine parishioner who drank arsenic-tainted coffee six years ago died (10).

Raw food impaired a woman's fertility (11), part-time veganism became popular (12), and the meat backlash was said to be unrelated to the case for eradicating men's nipples (13). The author of the Tightwad Gazette suggested living on lentils (14), Allagash brewed with a wild American yeast (15), and, in Brewer, a prostitution ring named Cinnamon's Sweets served clients (16). A brewfest organizer said, "It's not a drunk fest, it's a micro-brew tasting event" (17).

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