Friday, April 24

Week in Review, April 24

"I'm going to make sure no kid in Maine goes hungry again," said an underwater treasure hunter (1). Tom Vilsack said genetic engineering would boost food productivity (2), but opponents called genetically engineered canola, corn, and soybeans being grown in Maine "science fiction" (3). Ira Glass was given a ginger root and a gift certificate to J's Oyster Bar in appreciation of his show at Merrill Auditorium (4). The author of Organic Inc. bought Maine seed potatoes (5).

"If one were to judge Maine’s dining scene solely by the recommendations made by Down East, one would be forced to conclude that, aside from a few beacons of gustatory solace, you’re pretty much out of luck once you drive north of Lewiston," said a Bangor columnist (6). A Lewiston woman said she preferred eggs from caged chickens (7). Honeybees were called "white man's flies" (8) and the egalitarian spirit at Barava was dubbed "a PR coup" (9). Alice Waters coined the term arugulance (10).

The state veterinarian said, “A lot of people are making decisions about what they eat based on horror stories on YouTube. In Maine, 99.9 percent of farmers are doing it right.” (11). A dead cow inexplicably washed ashore (12). Lobstermen were urged to cut the number of traps (13) and a research vessel in the Gulf of Maine hit and killed a right whale (14).

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