Tuesday, April 21

Down East Eats

Down East's list of where to eat in Maine is now online (via a redesigned website).

Portland establishments on the list include: Fore Street, the Grill Room, Novare Res Bier Cafe, Top of the East, Una Wine Bar and Lounge, Susan's Fish and Chip's, 555, Fore Street, Paciarino, Vaughan Street Variety, 555, Bresca, Bar Lola, Fore Street, Haggarty's, North Star Music Cafe, Thanh Thanh II, bonobo, Portland Coffee Roaster, and Fore Street.

See also, 2008.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mmmmm Fore Street. Last time I had the pleasure, I had a spit-roasted rabbit that was drier than a Nevada Hooker on a 114 degree day.

Seems pretty overrated lately (like for the last 7 or 8 years?). Or maybe I was just there on an "off night" along with the other 250 people and a kitchen crew that is consistently in-the-weeds.

Blogger LisaH said...

How does Bar lola stay open? Every time i walk by there...usually twice a day it is barely half full?


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