Sunday, May 3

Sunday Read: Annie Proulx

Annie Proulx, who camped along the beach at Reid State Park as a kid, recently spoke with the Paris Review about some of her early work on blood sports and the outdoors, as well as her recently republished book on apple cider. The interviewer asked her about social change and Proulx said:
Storytelling trumps social issues. As I said, I'm primarily a reader, so of course I try to make the stories I writing interesting and entertaining. I don't write to inspire social change, but I do like situations of massive economic or cultural change as background. We think of change as benign, but it chews some people up and spits them out. And fiction can bring about change. A prime example is probably the muckrakers of teh early twentieth centruy where realist writers reamed out abuses in child labor, vile food, poverty, corruption, big railroads, and oil companies–and took heat for it.

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