Friday, May 8

Week in Review, May 8

Restaurant owners opposed legislation that would require them to post calorie count information on menus in Maine (1). Chef Rob Evans, who elevated the egg to a whole new level, offered a cooking class (2, 2a). A SPACE organizer called a weekend class "Food and Farm 201" (3), South Portland's only beekeeper got to work (4) and moderate talk radio appealed to listeners who did not like spicy foods (5). “They are big and fat and fuzzy,” an organic blueberry farmer said. “They vibrate while collecting the nectar and collect lots of pollen" (6).

A London woman, who barked, drank liquid hand soap, and forced an international flight to land in Maine, was held without bail. (7) Maine colleges dispensed hand sanitizer and local food at commencements (8), students were encouraged to eat their homework (9), and students also
wanted to see more robots in school cafeterias (9). An instructor said, "Today, we've got people who can't produce enough compost for the demand" (10).

Last year, 177,695 people received food stamps (11), horses at one equine rescue ranch went through $25,000 worth of grain (12) and Allen’s Coffee Brandy sales increased, to
1,063,000 bottles (13). A dead calf, of unknown origin, was found by the roadside in Waterville (14).

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