Thursday, May 14

Coming soon: Duckfatter

Chef Rob Evans and Nancy Pugh plan to open another Duckfat on either Wharf Street or Commercial Street by 2010.

They're also looking for a place to open a Duckfat in Burlington, Vt., hoping to cash in on the college-town vibe where french fries and beer are considered staples. "Duckfat, we feel, is our future," Evans said. "It holds great potential in the future for us, doing more of them and setting them up around New England," via PPH.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope their future includes ditching counter service.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's only counter ordering; stop being so lazy.

Blogger Jason said...

its european style people! wake up! servers mean more staff means more expenses means expensive food. just love duck fat for what it is.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Overpriced crap.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was there today, they had table service.

Blogger johnnyd said...

I smell a long-term plan: Duckfat is clearly a winning ticket. After a few more Duckfactories open and thrive, Rob get's his "hobby" restaurant and life is good. Bravo!

Burlington will do well. Nector's fries and gravy is an institution for over 30 years but there is space for the Duckfat concept on Church Street.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agreed; plus, Nector's is a bit...."downmarket", shall we say?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

A bit down market! You are being very P.C.! you've got to be on church st. ... otherwise don't bother.


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