Wednesday, May 13

El Rayo Taqueria

El Rayo Taqueria plans to open next week, at 101 York St., a former Citgo and head shop. It looks like a upscale El Camino, minus the Quiten Tarintino, and plus a whole row of new, diner-style bar stools (est. capacity: 25). The phone number is 780-TACO and photos of the exterior can be found at Portland Fodder. [Updated] Opened for lunch May 21. Find the menu here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Please, let it be good... please please please please please!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Major ditto to the above.

Blogger Marya said...

Oh my god. Yes please.

Blogger johnnyd said...

Let's all show up on opening day! Goya sodas on me! What? no Goyas in the cooler?? hmmmm...

Blogger Marya said...


Anonymous Joe said...

I prefer my mexican food to be cooked by mexican people.

Blogger Marya said...

Take what you can get, my friend.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

This looks like the real deal! Mexican/Baja California style! No more, second rate food Mexican food from places like Margaritas, et al!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Portland desperately needs good tacos. If El Rayo has a decent fish taco, my summer will be made (already!).

For those seeking good Mexican in Maine, absolutely try the place on Rt. 1 in Hancock, north of Ellsworth. Don't know the name, but it's the best I've found in the state.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

reviewed here:

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, it should be good, considering my aunts are the owners with their two friends. And from what I've heard, the food is AMAZING.
-they totally opened on the day i told them to open too:D

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The food is great, there's just not enough of it for the price. I'm sure they'll figure out the right portions given some time.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

WAY overpriced tiny tacos served on store bought tortillas. Sauces are fruity sweet and not very authentic. Seems the flavors are geared for americanized "gourmet" tasters. too bad...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Burrito wasn't bad, but the kitchen is a disaster. During the lunch rush, I waited 45 minutes for a take out burrito.

PLEASE get your act together, and I'll go back!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It tries to look "taqueria." It isn't. Just b/c it serves an ounce of meat on a tortilla with a smattering of veggies doesn't make it authentic. Plus, at $4 bucks, including tax, you should serve something larger than this. An ear of corn is $3.50 plus tax. The staff was a mess and the layout looks like someone with no sense of flow designed it. It means we are either dumb or desperate in Portland. If a taco truck from Tucson parked next to them they would be out of business in a nanosecond. Eating there made me feel like I lived in a barren wasteland. "Is this what we have to settle for?" Frankly, I was so excited and left depressed and thinking "I need to get out of this town."

Anonymous Anonymous said...

went to this place today: maine taco FAIL! it's all been said before, but I'll pitch in: overpriced, underflavored food on a tortilla OUT OF A BAG!

if you want to see what this place should be, go to Chango's Restaurant in Austin, Texas.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pros: Pollo Burrito, cute wait staff.

Cons: Tacos are WAY overpriced ($4+ a taco?!?) Big, gay dude working the register not that friendly. Uncomfortable seating. Started charging for salsa.

Bottom line: If you've ever lived or visited a west coast you'll be disappointed. (Notice I didn't say Mexico. That's because it's all tex-mex) I'm waiting for them to raise the price on the burrito so I can never go back. Nice try though.


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