Sunday, May 17

Sunday Read: Hot Buttered Rum

The Food of a Younger Land, Mark Kurlansky's book on the America Eats project, includes notes about Maine's game suppers, baked bean recipes, and clam bakes. The book also has an essay by Donald McCormick, which gives a recipe for "Kenneth Roberts' Maine-Style Hot Buttered Rum" following this short introduction:
Rural Maine has never recovered from the widespread reaction to the excessive drinking of the early days of the district and the state. The temperance movements of the latter half of the eighteenth century, the influence of the New Deal and others, put liquor in disrespute. State controlled liquor has been voted back, but this has had no effect on many residents.... In any event, it must be admitted that no state tradition of convivial elbow-bending are sufficiently widespread today to merit attention.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Has he been to Wharf Street on a Saturday night?


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