Friday, May 15

Week in Review, May 15

Soon after a moose fell from the sky in Clinton, a wrecker towed it away (1), and a hamburger researcher wrote, "While these standing meals were pleasing, we often feel things most deeply... while peering through a car windshield" (2). Shrimp aided climate change researchers (3) and based on an analysis of books, researchers determined that James Bond was not a gourmet (4). Analysis also showed that award-winning cookbooks did not sell well (5).

Backyard chicken farming not only did not save money, but it was also said to be a bogus trend (6). Three new farmers markets opened in the Portland suburbs (7). Another market near Mercy Hospital was in planning (8), the Portland Regency planned to offer 12 outdoor tables (9), and organizers of a Woodstock-style concert at a Livermore dairy farm planned to serve beer inside a tent (10).

The chef at John Dory used whore's eggs from Maine (11). Three prostitutes in Bangor were fined for working with Cinnamon's Sweets (12). Two teens were accused of punching Portland police officers after an alleged vodka theft (13). Maine had the oldest and whitest population (13), and a Stillwater resident wrote, "should President Obama win a second term, I’ll eat my hat" (14).

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