Wednesday, May 20

The Salt Exchange

The Salt Exchange, 245 Commercial St., plans to open June 2 to have a tasting with chef Jacob Jasinski's tapas menu on May 25. On the menu, so far:
Cold plates: Pate Campagne, local oysters, "hand-harvested baby spinach, ceasar salad, lobster, and assorted cheeses.

Hot plates: Sheep's milk ricotta gnocchi, artichoke, spring pea risotto, calamari, soup and brioche, lamb, and strip steak (Thx Portland Fodder!)
See also, the restaurant's blog. [June 9: Now open.]

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Blogger orangelove said...

There seems to be some misinformation: THere will not be a tasting held with Chef Jasinski on the 25th, however we expect to have our soft opening on the 2nd of June.

Blogger Psst! said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope they fix the "ceasar" salad beforehand!

Blogger Portland Fodder said...


Blogger orangelove said...

YAY- the salt exchange will be open from 6-10 on Friday night (Closed for this weekend) then open Monday for lunch...


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