Wednesday, May 27

Three ham Italians, $10.99

A field report from Colucci's Hilltop Market:
This afternoon three burly men stood smoking outside Colucci’s, directly below the sign advertising 3 HAM ITALIANS $10.99. They coughed and lifted cigarettes to their lips, their bare arms moving through shadow to light and back again. “You have mustard on your leg,” one said to another as I passed. Everyone looked down. Mustard-leg was, I realized, holding a small white poodle on a leash, via Mary Philips-Sandy.

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Anonymous joe ricchio said...

Ummm........ Fucking Amazing.

Anonymous Marcus said...

Speaking of fucking amazing, just heard that Erik and Krista Desjarlais are planning on opening a place together called "12 Seats". Apparently it will only have 12 seats and do a set menu every night!!! Now THAT is fucking amazing!!!!!


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