Friday, May 1

Week in Review, May 1

Swine flu entered Maine (1, 2, 3) after apparently originating at Smithfield pig CAFOs in Mexico (4) although few newspapers confirmed its origins (5). The head of the Maine Center for Disease Control compared the flu to a blizzard (6). "If you haven't been a hospital patient for a while or visited the hospital cafeteria, you don't know what you're missing," said the chef at Mercy Hospital. "The menu has been updated. Hospital meals now include at least three or four hot entrees and several sides: items such as hot buffalo chicken salad and homemade pesto minestrone soup" (7).

A Bowdoin student planned a soup performance piece called "Let's Do Lunch (a work of art)" (8). Vassalboro revised its nudity ban because of a topless coffee shop (9) and Bard's iced coffee was cheaper than Arabica's (10). Earl Anthony Morse was the new head chef at Eve's (11) and the Portland farmers market planned to open May 2 (12).

Plastic lures were said to cause weight loss in fish (13), scientists explored the fishless lakes of Maine (14) and electronic bidding took hold at the Portland Fish Exchange (15). State officials were working to keep wild bears wild (16) and Chef Lydia Shire said, "I'm an incurable carnivore. I love to think of all the happy carcasses that met their demise here" (17).

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