Friday, May 22

Week in Review, May 22

Wal-Mart touted its local foods (1) and a Portland blogger met a rabbit dressed in a Wonder Bread vest at the store (2). Frito-Lay's touted its local Maine farmer (2). "One of the positive things for many years had been that food costs in America were a smaller percentage of your annual budget than in most developed countries," said hunger activist Joel Berg. "But we've lost that advantage" (4).

The new Sea Dogs brew pub in South Portland served frozen burger buns on dirty plates (5). "Think about how refrigerators work," a strawberry grower said. "The condensers pull heat from the food inside, lowering the temperature inside" (6). Fuji apparently had no Korean fare the day Nancy English visited (7), finding anything edible at GRO proved difficult (8), and The Times could find no Sriracha in Maine (9).

Sector management was said to increase fishermen's revenue (10), scientists used brewer's yeast to develop HIV treatment (11), a farmer called homegrown food better than store bought (12). A man said the governor needed a double-edge meat axe to deal with the state budget (13) and one plan to raise revenue included adding liquor stores (14).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some of those links don't contain the actual background/context, e.g. where's the "Taste and Tell" column with Nancy English, or the story about bad quality control at Sea Dog in South Portland?

I got all excited when viewing this post through Google Reader, then realized the PPH's completely crappy site failed to keep anything older than 24 hours from being reliably persent.

I suggest not linking to bit-rotted pages in the future... otherwise, I enjoy the week in review very much!

Blogger Psst! said...

PPH pushed the Go section live late, sorry. Thx for keeping the QC!


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