Sunday, June 7

The Sunday Read: The case against the term 'molecular gastronomy'

Portland Chef Rob Evans has been said to use "the contemporary techniques of molecular gastronomy," but the case against the term "molecular gastronomy" appears to be gaining traction. On the French Culinary Institute's Cooking Issues blog, Dave Arnold and Nils Norén address the term's shortcomings:
Why would you describe anything you are going to eat as molecular gastronomy? Either word alone is bad – together, horror, via Cooking Issues.

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Blogger don lindgren said...

It's not a really a case "against Molecular Gastronomy", but rather a case against the misuse of the term. Molecular Gastronomy is a set of techniques, not a cuisine.

Blogger don lindgren said...

So you sayin' I can't read? Even old people can have ADD.


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