Friday, June 26

A couple weeks in review

Allagash paired well with mussels (1) and the brewery was listed as one of the top 50 food finds in the Boston Globe (2). A music blogger drank a Michelada at El Rayo (2), Slashfood listed the beers on tap at the Great Lost Bear (3), and Shipyard featured the lobster on its label (4). A man broke into Portland Lobster Co., stole money, ate 11 prepared lobsters, drank some white wine, and passed out on a bench (5).

Mark Bittman called Maine lobster sustainable (6). The governor planted an organic garden (7), new rules went into effect for aerial crop spraying (8) and fishing management (9). Saco considered backyard chickens (10), a watermelon-eating contest was held in a parking lot (11), and raw foodies were displeased with Brian Duff's interpretation of history (12). The Bramhall Pub closed (13).

John Golden, fresh up from The Hamptons, said, "Ouch!" at Hugo's (14) and compared Local 188 to Fore Street, largely because of the ambient volume of the two restaurants (15). Standard Baking Co.'s scones appeared in Bon Appetit (16), Steven Lanzolatta's Diet Code book was being given away free on the streets of New York (17), and a Brunswick farmer said, "At the end of the day, if I ever were to question what I'm doing, I think you can't question the importance of producing good food" (18).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

As the Marriot on Fore Street gets closer to being finished and lit up at night, you can see that they have a bar on the first floor to the right side of the entrance. I didn't think they were building a bar in there but I have seen ads for hiring bartenders there in the last few months. Can't really judge the size yet, whether it will be a rinky dink one for just guests or one that locals would ever grab a drink at.

Also, good chance that Back Cove Deli in Portland will be moving to Main street in Westbrook. I don't blame them with the construction going on there til the fall.

Blogger Max said...

what's your email address? I'd like to send you restaurant/foodie information about upcoming events and programs! Thanks!


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