Tuesday, June 16

Otto's Pizza

[Updated 6/18] Otto's Pizza opened at 576 Congress Street. Any info on who's baking the pies? Mike Keon, the former head of Crab Louie/One-Eyed Jack's Pizza, was seen serving slices inside. Open 'til 1:30 a.m. on weekends, 773-7099.

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Blogger Bryan said...

It's open. Photos and whatnot at http://hillytown.com/news/music-fans-need-food-too-ottos-pizza/

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Warning to everyone who goes into Otto's pizza:

Watch out for you valuables and belongings while you are in there!
Especially when the gray haired guy
Mike is in there.....He is a THEIF!!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

sounds a bit personal. I don't buy it... grow up buddy

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I too heard the owner and manager stole some merchandise. They were even on camera.
I wont step foot in a place that cant conduct a legitimate operation without stealing no matter how good the product is.
I also think you should have all your facts straight before you tell someone who is 68 years old to
"grow up"

Anonymous Anonymous said...

First of all age has nothing to do with maturity and secondly, I happen to know the "grey haired guy" very well, and he his the furthest thing from from a thief. Something makes me wonder if this sort of thing seems to always "happen to" this such individual.

Blogger Alexander I. Edelman said...

How can I get in touch with you in order to discuss pizza throughout maine?


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