Friday, June 19

El Rayo

The Portland Press Herald samples El Rayo Taqueria, which may be opening a mobile taco truck downtown by the end of the summer.
The one I ordered included shredded pork and salsa verde ($6.95) and was unlike anything I'd had in a restaurant. I mean that in a good way.

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Blogger Bryan said...

Interesting, the taco truck I've been hearing about/expecting isn't from them. Maybe we'll get some street meat vendor turf wars! Or perhaps a parking lot full of tacos and "Fat Darrels" a la New Brunswick, NJ. I can dream, can't I?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

El Rayo is overrated, possibly because there are too many Portland foodies who have never been west of the Mississippi or south of the border. I've had the fish tacos (twice), chicken burrito and carnitas burrito. The burritos were bland and wrapped in spongy "tortillas." The tacos were equally unexciting taste-wise, and prepared entirely differently each time -- flaky white fish once, reddish-brown "what is this stuff?" the next. Skip the crowds and the prices and go to Federal Spice instead.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, but still.

Blogger Bonnie, aka M.O.T. said...

Although the Fish Taco was the best I have had outside of San Diego, I cannot take any Taqueria seriously that does not offer re-fried beans and mexican rice (not white). Why is it so hard to offer something that should be so cheap and easy to make? If someone contacted the Tamale Lady in San Francisco and got her secrets, they could have a booming business in any city.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Anonymous blasting El Rayo...Do you work at Federal Spice? Just saying!


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