Friday, June 5

Week in Review, June 5

Eliot Coleman preferred rose hips over orange juice (1), a soap maker said she should qualify under the state guidelines for selling 75 percent farm products at farmers markets (2), and a motorcyclist who collided with a moose died (3). "Frankly," said a MOFGA official, "most of the people who are interested don't have much experience with agriculture or even rural living" (4).

Chef Rob Evans doubled the number of foodies dining out at Hugo's (5). Maine representatives passed a calorie counting bill to the Senate (6), and although Maine voters rejected a soda tax, the idea appeared to be gaining traction nationwide (7). Restaurant Grace planned a dessert menu to capture the after-Merrill crowds (8) and the inner quiet of pasta was broken when Nancy English ate at Paciarino (9).

The founder of Stonington Sea Products was called a fish head (10), Katy Perry wore a sushi dress in Japan (11), and 6,400 pounds of bait was stolen from Sturdivants Wharf (12). A company named Shipwreck Galley made salsa (13), Great Diamond Island lobsters were available at the Skowhegan farmers' market, but not in Portland (14), and The Misses sank after being hit by a 46-foot dragger (15).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Drove by Kon Asian Bistro tonight and it's open. THere were maybe twenty cars out front.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think Dollaro's bakery has closed. They have been closed all week, there is nothing on their front sign, and it appears the entrance window is papered up.

They were really really good but had a really really bad location.


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