Wednesday, July 22

Kon Asian Bistro

Do excessive drinking and over-the-top Buddha statues make good food?
I really believe that it's the decor that somehow captivates everyone's attention that they're not even aware of the lackluster food. They're a wannabe pan-asian restaurant that only touches base with the most basic of mainstream Asian cuisine, via Chowhound.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

The food I had was decent, wouldn't call it amazing or bad. I generally dislike the "lump all Asian food together" thing because I feel like people in Portland are already confused enough (a drunk girl once turned to me in Bangkok Thai to declare "I'm just sitting here eating my Chinese food!"), the decor definitely makes the place, though it'll look dated in a few years. Hope those folks going all the way out there to drink excessively have a safe way to get home.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Asian Bistro?....?....?......

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I thought the food was pretty good on our alcohol-free visit. Regardless, its a fun place to eat with really good service. Find something you like and have a good time. Or not.

Blogger Caligula said...

I totally agree. The food is good. Not necessarily authentic. The decor is fun and ridiculous, not to be mistaken for "upscale." The drinks are excessive and you may run into a stripper or two..

Anonymous Anonymous said...

You mean a striper?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I went to Kon in Portland for the 5th time this evening. It was a Wednesday night and we decided to go here to celebrate a family member's 50th birthday. We made reservations for a party of 14 and were told that we were to be at two separate hibachi tables with two separate waitresses. No problem.

As soon as we were seated, the other 7 of us were waited on immediately, drink orders, the works. I didn't get the girls name who waited on the others unfortunately, but she was great. My party of 7 waited and waited. Finally the waitress appeared and asked if we were ready to order. We asked if we could get drinks first. We also told her that we were going to have to do separate checks and did she want us to let her know how it would be split up now? She ignored us and walked off with our drink orders.

As the other table of our party received their appetizers, soup, and salad, we had yet to receive our drinks. We finally got them and placed our whole order appetizers and all. From there it went seamlessly until the end when the checks were distributed. The food was great, the other waitress was great, and the hibachi chef was great.

At the end of the meal, the other party of 7 received their checks, split as they asked. We received checks that were not split and worse yet, had the wrong items on them. I.E. we ended up with an appetizer that someone across the table had ordered. We were told that once she split the checks (and not the way we asked) that they couldn't be changed. I know as a former waitress that this is a total lie. If nothing else, the manager can delete the mis-rung item and she can ring it again. She had an attitude with us for some reason from the beginning.

Here it was, Wednesday night and we had a reservation for 14 people for Hibachi. Did you honestly think if you split us up in two parties that we wouldn't need checks split as well? Did you honestly think that if you added 20% gratuity for giving us nothing but attitude from the minute we sat down that we wouldn't be upset? Did you think that if we brought $500 into your restaurant on a typically slow night that if we let you know before hand that we wanted split checks by couple that it should be a big deal?

Our waitress' name was Lynette. I highly recommend that if you decide to go to Kon and eat at the Hibachi tables, that you don't let her wait on you. She confronted me when I was speaking to the manager about her, blamed the other waitress and said it was all her fault (she was great), and sarcastically apologized to the party saying "sorry I ruined the night". Well you did Lynette. You made a guaranteed 20% off us from the beginning. We drank, we ordered many appetizers, and all we came to do was have a good time and bring money to your establishment. She ended up making well over $70 off us from a party of 8. That in my opinion is a great Weds. night.

The manager talked to me about it and I assured him that I wasn't looking for a handout. I just wanted him to understand that Lynette was ruining our evening with her bad attitude. He promised to speak with her, but I told him I probably won't be back. It was a special occasion. That family member will never turn 50 again. She will never have a surprise party with her nearest and dearest at Kon again. Hopefully Lynette will not treat people like that again.


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