Friday, July 3

Week in Review, July 3

Crops were rotting because of the rain (1), out-of-state aerial sprayers were authorized because of the rain (2), and scientists said this was the earliest late blight had spread across the Northeast because of the rain (3). Tuna at Shaw's was recalled because of its potential to cause a tingling sensation in the mouth (4). Even pigs were tired of the rain (5).

“All chefs can be frustrated by the buying public sometimes,” said Clark Frasier (6). Maine still had the fattest adult population in New England (7), a new whoopie pie festival offered tastes of 20 pies for $5 (8), and Ebenezer's had 800 beers (9). Portland was still rumored to have the most number of restaurants per capita (10), but the city's old motto used to be "More Bars In More Places" (11). Amy Martin said Wharf Street was filled with "tramped out 'ladies,' and the men who adore them" (12).

Area farmers composted Coffee By Design’s used grounds (13). PeTA suggested that Robert Indiana amend his sign to read "EAT vegetarian," but the artist declined (14). Maine caviar showed up at the fancy food festival, a poultry vaccine maker expanded (15), and a Scarbough gardener said basil was worth $8 per pound (16). It was suggested that local food wasn't going to save the world (17).

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Sign up at Dogfish on Congress st. says now serving Sunday brunch.


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