Friday, August 21

Month in Review, August

The New York Times' Julia Moskin planned to write about Portland restaurants in September (1) and preindustrialists from Brooklyn invaded Maine to butcher pigs (2). Attendees at a cod race got drunk and out of hand (3), a Matinicus man who reportedly shot another lobsterman did so to defend his daughter (4), and creating a Matinicus-only fishing grounds might solve any future tensions (5).

Because of fall harvests breaks, kids in The County started school in August (4). The potato was called an inexpensive food option (5). A surge in scallops on Georges Bank did not bode well for Maine's stocks (6). Livestock farmers were called an endangered species (7), the state's apple research facility turned 100 (8), and an 87-year old clam digger died (9). Food was better without meat (11).

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