Thursday, July 16

Portland Diner

Another attempt at inventorying Southern Maine restaurants: Portland Diner (who says, "Portland, Maine has more restaurants per capita than almost any other city in America.")

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Blogger Corey Templeton said...

What city has the most blogs about local restaurants?

Blogger Psst! said...

You'd think.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

searched for Cafe at Pat's (apparently a sponsor) came up empty!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

That Portland Diner thing was fantastic! I always have trouble deciding where to eat, so the fact that it doesn't include some of my favorites means I might try something new! No Hugo's? No Duckfat? No Norm's? I'll just put in a blank search for a single cuisine - oh wait! that doesn't work either. What a piece of shit. Obviously the work of some one who thinks an algorithm that scans the phone book will do the job of real human research. Just use the PFM.

Blogger PortlandHead said...


Cafe at Pat's is in there. You may have mis-typed?

Blogger PortlandHead said...

We've got a map of restaurants:

This site is proof of concept right now; it's tough to keep up w/new restaurant openings (Adding Grace as we speak)

This site is proof of concept right now. More soon. Stay tuned.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, works as well as the shitty Facebook application of the same name, by the same company.

If it is a "proof of concept" than warn people with the term "beta" --"" I'm assuming since you are in the web development biz you might of heard of the concept.


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