Sunday, July 12

Foraging urchin


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Read on, as the Kitchen Manager from Grace rips Harding Lee Smith a new butt-hole

"Foie gras is a menu item that I always order when it is offered. You have been able to find it at the Grill Room on daily special for months. Essentially always prepared the same way..... I ordered it three times and have not learned my lesson yet. Again an overcooked, under seared scallop sat on the plate next to an over seared and under seasoned piece of foie gras. Not just over seared, it was burnt! Oh....and the crostini was burnt too. Harding is doing something right with the opening of his third restaurant, The Corner Room, but is he moving too fast? "I NEED MORE SAUTE PANS NOW!" and the slamming of them being thrown into the hotel pans on the floor is only thing I heard all night during dinner. The service was great though!"

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doesn't Harding have enough butt-holes already?


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