Friday, July 17

Week in Review, July 17

Terrence Henry went to Fore Street restaurant on Tuesday (1). So did Martha Stewart (2), and Rachel Ray was planning a trip there today (3). Excess noise was a "vital issue" in the Old Port (4), the state experienced its worst red tide in 30 years (5), and a gardener grew an "extremely handsome" strawberry (6).

The wild blueberry industry planned to "play the origin game much harder" (6) and turkeys crossing the road were an indication of the blueberry season's start (7). Stripers would inevitably cross the road, spend lots of money, and make Kon Asian Bistro fun (8) although the food there was reportedly tasted "awful" (9). Harding Smith asked his hostess to ask a customer to leave after insulting his restaurant (10); Smith's business was also down because of the weather (10.5).

The Nearing homestead reopened for the summer (11), a candlepin bowling alley opened in Millinocket (12), a Waterville writer suggested offering refuge to Uighurs by giving them Bolley's Famous Franks (13), and Mount Desert Island Ice Cream attempted to make a massaman curry ice cream (14). The first 12 Seats sold out (15).

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Grace finally has it's full website up with menu

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Question: was harding upset at the diner for having meat sauce on a chicken parm? Was that a breech of authenticity on a dish that is already inauthentic by nature? Is spaghetti carbonara with cream authentic? Or how about "Bresaolo"? Or "Tellagio" cheese? Or one a them "Margharita" pizzas? Hint: before attempting to cook a food you know next to nothing about, learn to spell.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm heading STRAIGHT out to Brighton Ave to see those fish crossing the road! Must be quite a sight...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't forget about the "parmgiano stormato" or the "guiancale"!!! Perhaps they are classics with a "Harding twist" written with a certain esoteric, poetic license. Or, he has absolutely no clue what those items are nor how to use them properly.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Martha Stewart in portland today

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos dined at The Salt Exchange.


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