Wednesday, July 15

RIP Report: Local Wolfe's Neck Beef

Wolfe's Neck Farm is closing its Freeport operation because they would need more cattle to be economical, which would be bad for the environment and the nearby clam flats.
Its primary operation is now a large feedlot with about 2,000 cattle in Fort Fairfield, an operation that is much more economical than the Freeport farm, via Press Herald.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two seperate bits of news.

Big sign hanging in the window on first floor Two Portland Square that says "Coming soon Walter's Restaurant". I drove by so I couldn't read up close but it's obviously another spot by Walter who has the exchange street spot and used to be next door at Cotton St. Cantina. It the back side of the building, near where the ATM drive thru is.

Also in the Portland Daily Sun there is an article about the new Marriot. The restaurant in private but..."and a Shipyard bar that's open to the public."

I thought breweries in Maine couldn't have a bar on site but technically it's not. Could be good.


Blogger Psst! said...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Walter doesn't have the exchange st spot. he sold that YEARS AGO

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Walter now of Fresh?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Fresh closed.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Walter's is moving off Exchange St. Why keep paying Joe Soley?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The new sign def says Walter's Restaurant and not Cafe. Wouldn't he keep the same name if it were that place moving?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm no fan of Soley but part of what I love about eating at Walters is the space.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

When did Fresh close?


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