Monday, August 31

Bon Appetit

Andrew Knowlton of Bon Appetit covers Portland and repeats that oft-uttered, little-fact checked piece of information with a fresh twist:
The local visitors bureau reports that per capita, more money is spent in Portland restaurants than in any other U.S. city except San Francisco and New York, via BA.
And lists the breweries, seafood restaurants, bakeries, and best places to eat. A short video here.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I need more snark on the blog. Someone say something about someone else (other than me).

Blogger ~E~ said...

Andrew Knowlton is a no-talent ass clown.

Does that qualify as snark?

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is it snark if it's true?

Anonymous Michael Bolton said...

Erik from Portland Food Heads is a no talent ass clown. Not a cook, not a writer, musician or photographer. Give it up.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Portland Food Heads is actually a very decent blog...sounds like someone has a vendetta against Eric???

Anonymous Anonymous said...

don't be sad, michael. i still love your music.

Anonymous fromwayaway said...

Why the hell is there no good Chinese food? Let answer that basic question first.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is because ErikPortlandFoodDouche is so righteous that he simply stated we can't have good Chinese.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Portlandfoodheads is a kid who is just barely of legal drinkng age, who lived at his moms house until last month and calls his bearded girlfriend his "old lady". He has never held a position as a chef or cook or writer.

Blogger ~E~ said...

I feel as if I need to speak up here.

I am not "barely above legal drinking age," I did not "live at my mom's house until last month," I have held many positions cooking, do write professionally and have never ONCE referred to myself as a chef.

The real reason I'm intervening is because of the comment regarding my girlfriend. That is a massive insult and will not go unrecognized. You should be ashamed of yourself for saying that.

You're unhappy with your life, I'm not. Go fuck yourself.

Blogger ~E~ said...

Also, judging by the times of your posts, it looks like you wrote them drunk at 2 in the morning on a Thursday night. Gooooood gooooin.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man, this is great. Let me try asking for something again, since it worked so well last time. I need more briefcases filled with hundred-dollar bills left on my doorstep.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, he does indeed suck.,..., his writing is that of an uninformed second grader..... And his old lady has a beard.

Anonymous Lynn said...

you know, i wasn't going to get involved in this, because i realize shit is going to get slung around on these blogs, but i have no other way to get in contact with this person and i'm tired of being ridiculed for no reason.

chris webber. cut this shit out. you have no interest in the portland food community and you especially have no interest in food BLOGGING, so if you have something you want to say to either erik or myself, you need to find a better way to do it than snooping through food blogs at 3 in the morning and leaving cruel, drunken, anonymous comments.

in the four or so years i've known you, i've been nothing but kind. to see this is really disappointing.

and you wonder why we haven't gotten in contact with you?


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