Wednesday, August 5


Jay Villani, of Local 188, has rented the ground floor space at 83 Exchange St., the space formerly occupied by O'Naturals, for a new restaurant focused on the lunch crowds. According to The Forecaster, it will be called Sonny's.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"if you like it across the street, go across the street."

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Maine Bean Bakehouse/coffehouse is now open on Commercial street. They have a few signs advertising that they serve Gelato Fiasco.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im not sure sonny's is the cats meow. Positively, an eclectic menu and old port enviroment. No place for the sound to go in the back room and its loud during a busy friday night. Servers need a hand. I quote "its like onion rings." Sister which ones? The rings at rosies, or sangillo's? Actually thier hearts of palms taste nothing like onion rings. They do smell "pan" fried in oil though! Maybe deep fried in rapeseed? My friends salad and mine were served without the mango vinegrette. Lettuce was so big i decide to roll raw burritos with the manchego and cajun corn. Tamale was as good as the rice and beans. Average. Overpriced. Is that masa hand harvested and ground in the jungle by indigenous folks? Any who. Im sure it will gel toghether soon. thebeetroot

Blogger ryan said...

Sorry but Maine bean and bakehouse does not belong in that space. The hokey lighthouse clam diggah theme coffehouse is too naples, ME for commercial street. Nice try though. Lucky if you sell some gelato to a few cruise ship tourist on a hot summer day. Latte schmatte. Next please

Anonymous Anonymous said...

The grill room is run by a fucking ego maniac. I've seen him punch bread racks during a rush. BU doesn't buy you class.


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