Friday, September 25

Common Ground

This is the first year for coffee at the CGCF.
For most of the history of the Common Ground Country Fair, coffee sales were prohibited [inside the fence] for a variety of reasons, including the fact that in 1977 no reliable sources of organically grown and processed coffee existed. Another strong consideration was the Fair's focus on Maine food, via MOFGA.
Well, it's not 1977 any more. Next year, the committee on micromanaging fair fare plans to ban donuts made without whole wheat flour, at least that's the hope. [Update: covers the fair.]

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ban, ban, ban. "Common Ground" indeed!


Anonymous CEMaine said...

But Izzy's Cheesecakes were all organic and local right? MOFGA has been behind the curve for a long time.

I will miss you Coffee Guy.


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