Wednesday, September 16

Anarchic times

The New York Times's Julia Moskin thinks Portland's cruise ships are long gone for the year (they're not), but Moskin also says (quite accurately) that the "combination of culinary idealism and anarchy" is here to stay:
In the last decade, Portland has undergone a controlled fermentation for culinary ideas — combining young chefs in a hard climate with few rules, no European tradition to answer to, and relatively low economic pressure — and has become one of the best places to eat in the Northeast, via NYT.
There's also a slideshow of Stacey Cramp's photos and outtakes. See also, the PPH's coverage of the news and the discussion on Chowhound.

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Blogger Caligula said...

"Coverage of the News." Love It!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Leave it to the pph to write an article about an article.


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